My First Bra And Panties

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am a boy and wearing girl's dress in secret became the habit in my life when I was ten up to twelve years old. In line with it, I started to think that wearing girl's dress was not enough without being equipped with some things inside the dress, bras and panties. I felt that I should have worn these two girl's items at the same time when I was in the girl's dress. I believed it would make my appearance perfect. At that time, I always thought about how to get bras and panties to wear because I did not have my own. Then, I decided to steal one of bras and panties that my sister had.

One night, I could not sleep because I thought about wearing bras and panties very much. Until 24.00, my eyes were still fresh. My brain was fully filled with the image of sexy bras and panties. I wanted to have the feeling when I was in them. Then, I tried to step out of my bedroom and walked to place where my sister always put her bras and panties that she had not washed. She usually puts them in the big pail near the washing machine. After I found the pail, I saw a pink bra and a pink panties that my sister wore this afternoon in it. To take it, I had to make sure that my mother and sister had been sleeping. After I felt sure, I took and brought them to my bedroom. I entered my bedroom and locked the door.

In my bedroom, I directly put off my dress and underwear. I started to wear the panties at first. I felt that the panties was very soft to my skin. I felt comfortable in it. I did not forget to hide my penis under the panties too. In front of the mirror, my penis could not be seen any more. I thought it was fantastic. The second step was wearing the bras. After I was in the bra, I felt that it was completed. However, I felt very disappointed because I had small boobs so they could not fill the bras. Finally, I put them off at 03.00 and returned them in the previous place. I went back to my bedroom and slept.

That is a very beautiful night for me and I want to wear girl's dress, bras and panties all the time, not in secret any more. I have to tell this condition to my mother and sister some other time. Whether they will support me or not, that is a big challenge for me.