Tell Mother: "I am a crossdresser." (1)

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have been wearing girl’s dresses, bras and panties in secret for three years. At the age of fourteen, I felt that this condition should be stopped because I wanted to wear them in my daily life. Girl’s dresses, bras, panties, and make-up have become the part of my life just like my mother and sister. However, I still felt scared to tell this to my mother. As the flaming of my heart went stronger, I tried to find the right way to make them know what I usually did in secret.

One night, as my mother and sister slept, I stole my sister’s bras, panties, camisole, and a transparent miniskirt from the place where she usually puts her clothes before she washes them. I took them to my bedroom and wore them. As I was in them, I did not close my room on purpose to make them know what I was wearing when they woke me up tomorrow morning. I enjoyed the feminine feelings in my body and then I fell asleep.

At five o’clock in the morning, I woke up and my heart asked me to take off the dresses and return them in the previous place. I tried to contend what my heart said. I looked at my clock, it showed five fifteen sharp and I pretended to sleep on my bed because I knew that my mother or my sister usually woke me up at five thirty in the morning. Then, I heard someone knock at my room door and I pretended not to open it. My mother suddenly opened my room door, went into my room, and caught me wearing my sister’s dress completed with bras and panties. I actually knew what my mother did but I pretended to sleep.

My mother woke me up and after I completely got up, she asked me why I was dressing up like that. Then, I directly stood up and walked to the bathroom but she held my arm and asked me to sit down on my bed again.
“Listen, why are you dressing up like this?” My mother asked me.
“Mom, please forgive me because I can not explain it now.” I told her.
“Okay, if you do not want to tell your reason now, put off the camisole and the skirt and walk to the bathroom only wearing your sister’s bra and panties.” My mother told me.
“Mom, please don’t be angry. I was ashamed with Linda.” I appealed.

My mother forced me and I eventually followed her words.
“Okay, Mom. I will do it.” I said.

As I walking to the bathroom, my sister saw me wearing her bra and panties. She stopped me and asked me why I was wearing her bra and panties. I did not answer her question, directly went into the bathroom and took a bath. After taking a bath, I still wore the bra and the panties and went back to my bedroom. I put off the bra and I wore my school uniform, but I did not change the panties with my own underwear.

When we were having breakfast together my mother still asked me the same question.
Then I replied, “Mom, I will explain it when we are having dinner tonight.”
“Okay.” My mother agreed.

As I would go to school, my sister asked me to return her bra and panties, but I only returned her bra.
“Where is my pantie?” She asked me.
“I am sorry I can’t return it now because I am still wearing it.” I replied.
“Hmm … do you like wearing it?” She asked me while smiling.
“Maybe ….” I answered.
“If you like wearing such girl’s items, I suggest you to buy them for yourself.” She said to me while laughing.